Sponsorship Change

The Embassy issues character clearance paper for Sponsorship Change of Nepali migrant workers working in different Company/establishment in the State of Qatar.  The applicant needs to submitted the following documents for this:

  1. Duly filled up Form, which can be downloaded here
  2. Passport sized photograph- Two pieces
  3. Applicant’s Passport (Original and Copy)
  4. Qatari ID Card (Original and Copy)
  5. No Objection Letter from the current Sponsor/Company- Copy
  6. Job offer Letter from new Sponsor/Company (Post, Salary, Finite Contract duration and other terms and conditions need to be clearly stated)- Original and Copy
  7. Valid Computer Card copy of new Company 

Note: for skilled manpower, like: Engineers, etc, the Embassy issues character clearance letter for the purpose of UPDA exams after submission of request letter (along with computer card copy) from the Sponsor and relevant academic certificates.